The Love You Show Me

The love,
that you show me,
is a game
played by two souls
by its own follies.

Two hearts
indulging in fantasies,
tired of being

A shame,
unrecognized pain
in denial,
lied for.

by bodily fluids
in a moment of heat.

Your right
to disrespect me,
behave badly,
then expect
to be treated like
a baby.

It’s lost sanity.
Compromises reached
for free.

Values exchanged
for pain.
packaged as gain.

It’s emotionally
enforced slavery,
a blood sucking
spiritual greed.

A promise
sold on the streets
an affliction of mind,
a disease of humanity.

It’s sacrifices made
one of us is happy.

in a faithless feeling.

The love
that you show me
is depravity,
a mortal being’s excesses
in immorality.

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2 thoughts on “The Love You Show Me

  1. You write very well and express feelings so easily and aptly. You have a great talent, keep writing :) Have you published your poems and stories?

    1. Thank you, Sunita. I have not yet ‘officially’ published my work. I am looking forward to. I am glad you enjoy them as much as you do. It gives me great pleasure to know that. Thank you for visiting my blog.

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